We design, fabricate, and install elevator interiors for the modern world.

About Us

Elevator Interiors

Over 18 years of designing, fabricating, and installing elevator interiors.


We have higher standards than most, and our attention to detail is unmatched.

Blue Sky Cabs

Blue Sky Cabs has our own designs, but really want our clients to feel like they are part of their own interiors. Call us today to start putting your design in motion.



Let our team work with your designer or have us design something with you for your next elevator interior project.

Elevator Interiors

Our team of installer can install your next elevator interior whether we build it or your elevator contractor has a kit.  We can do it all.


We are able to provide cladding for doors, jams, headers, transom, in stainless brass, copper, laminate just to name a few.


We have assembled a team of artisans to build our interiors.  They understand the importance to attention to detail.


Most elevator interior cab companies stay away from flooring; we do not.  Elevator flooring is not easy to do, but we understand the problems that can occur. We have been installing flooring for more than 18 years.


LED is all the rage and the pricing is starting to come down and more product are coming to the market. Six  or nine down lit island ceiling are great, but with LED the Sky is the limit.  Let us design something special for your next interior.